photopea tutorial for beginners

Photopea Tutorial


Benefit of learn photopea image editor is it is very simple web based image editor. You can edit image very easy way because there is much similarity with photoshop. If you know photoshop then you have no problem otherwise there is a lot of tutorials and guide to easily learn it. Very good benefit is that it works in multiplatform on web browser. You won’t any problem to practice it. Internet speed is necessary for this.

Photopea tools

Open and save files:
New File: File -> new -> give the size of the image -> then click on “create” button
Existing file: File -> Open -> which image file you want to edit choose it from drive> do what change you need
save file: File > Export as > .jpg or .png whatever format you want save it.
We will start our turorial from Select tool:
Rectangle select: this is rectangle in shape to select any area for selection simply click on it and drag the area as required.
Ellipse Select tool: this selection is made possible with the circular area.
When we drag the circular area it will select the circulted position and we can select the the portion of image.
Lasso Select:
This selection is made we select the use of cursor and we decide the area.
Polygonal select:
this selection made in polygonal shape to select the area.
Magnetic lasso select: It will automaticall check the area and we take our mouse it will select its area automatically according to color.

Slice tool: Slice tool is needed to cut the images without loss its picture quality. It highlight the selected area and sliced area into parts.

Eye dropper tool:
This tool basically use to pick the color from the image
Ruler: this tool is used to measure the distance particular object size from the image.

Brush tool: This tool is used to draw any color on image which color is selected to fill the image.
Pencil tool:
This tool is used to draw any color on image which color is selected to fill the image.
Color Replacement Tool:
If we have colored something and we have need the different color for the same image then we can use this tool to change the color.

Eraser tool: This tool is used to delete any object or color from the screen on selected layer.
Clone tool: This tool is use to clone nearby area to fill the effected image.
Gradient Tool : This tool is used to two or more color combination with shade it can attractive background.
Paint Bucket tool : This tool is used to remove the gradient tool to change the gradient color.
Blur tool: this tool is used to blur the image selected portion by clicking
Sharpen Tool: this tool is used to sharp the blur portion image .
Smudge tool: smudge tool effect the melting feel on image like icecream melt and dragged.
Dodge Tool: this tool is used to remove black spots on the image. If there is any black spot on image it helps to remove the dark spot
Burn tool : this tool is used to remove whittish color from the image. If too much fair image made then this tool helps to remove it.
Transparent Background: In this video you can create a transparent background of your image using this free editor.
Pen Tool: this tool is used to cut the proper image using by joining the dots. It is very professional tools to cut the image.

Right Side panel: there is the advance feature avaialble in the right side of Photopea panel. Because here we can use the layers and different kind of advance feature to use advance the photo editing.